Project Description

In this competitive business environment, what matters most is the speed and accuracy at which decisions are made. Timely and accurate information enables senior managers to take more informed and quick decisions. Companies deploy many software systems for their sales, marketing, finance, operations, regulatory, claims, human resources, underwriting, claims, and actuarial departments as part of growing needs. Over a period of time, each Unit starts behaving in a silo and data does not flow seamlessly within the Enterprise which affects the decision making process and has larger impacts on Enterprise performance. Business Analysts spend most of their time in collating the data and preparing reports rather than analyzing data for the root cause of a problem.

A comprehensive pre-built Analytic Solution, specially designed to improve top-line growth and operational efficiency by driving key performance metrics through a set of scorecards, dashboards, reports and advance analytics, including predictive analytics, is the solution for progressive organizations to get ahead of the game.

What you can Expect

  • Dashboard based BI visualization
  • Business Analytics and Predictive Analytics
  • Access to one of the leaders in the BI and Analytics industry
  • In-house solution engineering innovation and collaboration with strategic technical partners
  • Innovative industry specific offerings such as Insurance Analytics and Core Insurance Systems
  • Sector based solutions such as Airport Analytics, Manufacturing Analytics and Retail Analytics
  • Functional offerings such as Finance Analytics and HR Analytics.